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Welcome to Windows 8 Registry Cleaners. You'll find the best registry cleaners available to optimize your computer system. We've collected what we feel are the best registry cleaners and posted unbiased, in depth reviews about the products. You'll also find Windows 8 registry tips and other registry related information.

Registry Booster

TOP PICK Windows 8 Registry Cleaner

Registry Booster ReviewRegistry Booster

Registry Booster is a top rated registry cleaner that can fix errors, increase computer speeds and more.

PC Health Advisor

BoshotPC Health Advisor PC Health Advisor for is a good registry cleaner for Windows 8 computers. Clean off errors and stop blue screens and more. READ FULL REVIEW NOW

System Mechanic

system-mechaic-boxSystem Mechanic System Mechanic can help you clean your Windows 8 registry on a consistent basis and increase computer speeds when you notice a decrease in how fast your computer runs. READ FULL ARTICLE

Why Use a Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner-1

Use the best windows registry cleaner to resolve blue screen crashes, and to optimize your Windows registry for faster computer speeds all around.


Registry Mechanic

system-mechaic-boxRegistry Mechanic Registry Mechanic is a good cleaning option for the Windows 8 Registry. It will help to eliminate the source of your registry problems. READ FULL ARTICLE

How to Speed up Windows 8

Speed up Your Computer

Windows 8 registry is important to take care of. It can be weighed down easily. Here are some tips on how to speed up Windows 8 registry.